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  1. RichardKYA

    RichardKYA Active Member

    Add 2 more 'location' fields, to have 3 options in total...

    Location: - For any events that you don't want mapped by Google.
    Map location: - Events that you do want mapped by Google.
    URL: - Online events, web addresses for more info, etc.

    It would kill a few birds with one stone...

    Google Maps
    Make google maps optional

    ...and I think this can be easily implemented without too much trouble and it will allow you to provide a lot more information in an organized way. Also, you wouldn't need to add checkboxes to hide/show the map, because you could just leave 'map location' field blank, which would remove the map anyway, and then you can provide a lovely link to

    Just throw your flowers at my feet

    **Takes a bow** :cool:

  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Administrator Staff Member

    Easy for you to say.

    Also, this won't happen for the sole fact I do not want to over complicate a simple field.
  3. RichardKYA

    RichardKYA Active Member

    Fair enough
  4. RichardKYA

    RichardKYA Active Member

    That was said with the alternative suggestions in mind...

    Duplicate - Google Maps | Dentel.Zone

    Make google maps optional | Dentel.Zone

    Duplicate - Map Options | Dentel.Zone yes, I thought it would be easier to add a couple of fields, but you're right, I'm not a developer, so it is easy for me to say and I apologize for thinking that it would be easier, I just assumed other methods would be harder because they seem harder to me, so this suggestion seemed simple, but again, I'm not a developer, so these other alternatives may be far easier to implement and just seem harder to me.

    I don't think these extra fields would over complicate anything. The url field would definitely be handy, especially for people that would like to link to a website that has more information about the event or their business that's holding the event and definitely for people that have an online event.
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