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Discussion in 'Support & Questions' started by Robert9, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Robert9

    Robert9 New Member

    It seems that the addon is deleted from XF; i have a license and i have programer and i am interested in some small changes for myself. I have read at xf that here should be around 200 suggestions for the add-on.
    I dont have the time to work out all this, and i only have the money to make my changes for myself.

    But maybe Jerry wants his project in some good hands, and maybe one, or two of you wants to have some important functions also. Then we maybe should talk what is possible.

    1. Jerry has to allow it.
    2. My programer should have enough time to do it.
    3. A list of the most important new or optimised functions
    4. A budget to pay the programer

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